Albinism Europe Face to Face meeting in Milan Sep 30 2017On 30th September 2017, representatives from “Albinism Europe” met face-to-face in Milan (Italy) to discuss the development of several common projects and to complete organization details of the 4th European Days of Albinism (EDA) and the 3rd Meeting of Young Europeans with Albinism (YPA) in Norway.

The first meeting of the European project "Broken Myths: A Look Of The Albinism" co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus + program will take place on Saturday 1 April.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of the following organizations: ALBA - Association of People with Albinism, German Association of People with Albinism DFFA, Norwegian Association of People with Albinism NFFA, Italian Association of People with Albinism ALBINIT, and French Association of People With GENESPOIR albinism.

Albinism Europe will be represented at the 39th meeting of ESA

Albinism Europe will be represented at the 39th meeting of the European Strabismological Association in Porto September 13th-16th 2017

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On 1 April 2017, representatives from "Albinism-Europe" (European Network of Patient Associations with Albinism) met face-to-face in Valencia to discuss common issues affecting European associations and to plan a common strategy Increase the presence and representation of albinism at European level.