The 42nd EPOS meeting ( took place on September 23 rd and 24th 2016 at the Irchel campus of the University of Zurich, Swizerland. Albinism Europe was holding an information stand shared with Aniridia Europe. The Albinism Europe representatives were: Antoine Gliksohn (Genespoir, France) , Burcu Cakir-Keskin (Albinizm Derneği, Turkey) and Barbara Späth (NOAH, Germany) whereas Aniridia Europe was represented by Ognian Petkov (Bulgaria). It was the first time Albinism Europe was participating in an EPOS meeting.

The conference had a total number of about 280 participants coming from many different Europeans countries as well as from other continents. Countries represented were: Sweden, UK, Belgium, Spain, Greece, France, Germany, USA, Bangladesh, Israel, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Latvia, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Slovenia.

The participants were mostly ophthalmologists specialized in strabismus and pediatric ophthalmologists. A few orthoptists and researchers in neuro-ophthalmology were also attending. Although this meeting seemed to be a little smaller than the ESA meeting, it is probably quite comparable. Indeed, our experience with the ESA meetings tells us that the size of a meeting can vary from one year to the other, depending among other on the location. A second participation in an EPOS meeting would help us understanding better the average size of this annual meeting.