Albinism Europe Face to Face meeting in Milan Sep 30 2017On 30th September 2017, representatives from “Albinism Europe” met face-to-face in Milan (Italy) to discuss the development of several common projects and to complete organization details of the 4th European Days of Albinism (EDA) and the 3rd Meeting of Young Europeans with Albinism (YPA) in Norway.

 At the one-day meeting, representatives from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Finland and UK & Ireland discussed the common work of Albinism Europe, its running and upcoming projects and events. 

Of course, the most important point on the agenda was the organisation of the 4th EDA and 3rd YPA events that will take place next year in Norway.

It was a productive meeting with many important points addressed and decisions made. As well as the planning of EDA and YPA the meeting also covered plans for other ongoing projects, improvements to the Albinism Europe website and the process of making Albinism Europe an official federation.

Albinism Europe Face to Face meeting in Milan Sep 30 2017