Group Photo

On March 7th, the 4th and last meeting of the project “Together We Can Overcome Barriers: Strategy For The Equity” took place at the “Hokksund ungdomsskole” school in Hokksund (Norway). This project is funded by the European Union's Erasmus+ program and is coordinated by the Spanish Association of Albinism ALBA in collaboration with the Norwegian Association of Albinism (NFFA), the Danish Association of Albinism (DFFA) and the Italian Association of Albinism (ALBINIT).

The meeting was attended by by the hosts from Norway Ingunn Engebretsen and Kjeld Christian Fjelvig; from Denmark Marie Schack and Lasse Klyver; from Italy, Emanuele Regalini and Marzio-Glauco Ghezzi, and from Spain, Mónica Puerto, Purificación Párraga, Ana Yturralde, Juan Carlos Yuste and Enrique Puig.


During the first part of the conference, the host centre showed us how the Norwegian educational system always responds in an inclusive manner to the needs of students with albinism. The response starts with early planning and the design of an individualized plan including methodological and procedural aspects, and all the elements come together in the teaching-learning process: school, teachers, students and family.

Among some of the proposals that were given, it’s worth highlighting the importance of choosing a teacher with the proper training to give adequate attention to students with albinism, taking into account the lighting conditions and the number of students in the classroom, ensuring the student is able to access the most appropriate technological aids to meet their needs, familiarising the student with their school environment and, finally, establishing a close and coordinated work with the families. 


After this, we conducted a guided tour in which we could experience in situ the methods used. 

After lunch, four students showed us the techniques they use to access their school content, with a strong focus on the use of digital technology. This led into the presentation of a device to support pupils with visual impairment in their classrooms: the AbleCon ®, which was widely established in Norwegian schools. 


To finish this last 4th meeting and before returning to our accommodation, we took a short walk through the town of Hokksund. 

We want to thank the NFFA, in particular, for the organization of this last interesting meeting, and in general to all the collaborators of the project "Together we can overcome barriers: strategy for the equity" with whom - and thanks to their experiences and joint effort - we will be able to break down barriers and achieve a more inclusive world for people with the genetic condition of albinism.