On Wednesday June 13th we will celebrate “International Albinism Awareness Day” (#IAAD) with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of albinism and fighting against global discrimination and stigma against people with albinism. Albinism Europe is supporting this with the “I look out for albinism” campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to fill our social network feeds with selfies of people who care about albinism, transmitting the message that we care about people with albinism.

Join the campaign by taking a selfie with your finger pointing to your eye; then upload and share the picture on your social network profiles with the hashtag #ILookOutForAlbinism (I look out for albinism).
You can also share the link to this message and encourage others to join the campaign.

All the photos we find in the social networks with the #ILookOutForAlbinism hashtag will be collected and incorporated into a compilation video.
We apologize in advance to all those who participate but don’t appear in the final video, as it is easy to lose track of some of the photos online.

Look out for albinism and let it be known!
Celebrate diversity, promote inclusion, protect our rights.