Documentary 'Breaking Myths' breaks down myths around albinism

The documentary 'Breaking Myths' breaks down the many myths around albinism and shows the reality of living with this condition. It aims to overcome barriers and prejudices and show that limits are set by oneself.

The documentary shows the ability of people with albinism to overcome challenges. It features different young people with albinism from different European countries with a job, a sport or hobby that many people might not believe they could perform, due to their poor visual acuity, their photophobia or over-exposure to the sun.

'Breaking Myths' shows that albinism is not an impediment (although it can be a difficulty) to reaching professional goals or performing certain activities or hobbies. Based on real testimonies and experiences, it shows young Europeans with albinism overcoming the barriers that their genetic condition entails, and also achieving great success. 'Breaking Myths' is a documentary focused on European society. In this film, young people with albinism from Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Norway show us moments in their daily lives, in their work, or doing a hobby overcoming the difficulties associated with their albinism to achieve great success.

The documentary also had the participation of Dr. LLuis Montoliu of CNB-CSIC and CIBERER-ISCIII, one of the world's leading experts on albinism, introducing the protagonists and giving a realistic and scientific perspective of the consequences of this rare genetic condition.

The making of this documentary is the result of the project "Broken Myths: A Look of The Albinism" co-financed by the Erasmus Plus Program of the European Union, which has been promoted and coordinated by "ALBA – Asociación de Ayuda a Personas con albinismo" with the collaboration of the associations of people with albinism in Germany (NOAH), Norway (NFFA), Italy (ALBINIT) and France (GENESPOIR).

The documentary was directed by Patty Bonet, a person with albinism herself and known for her award-winning short film "¿Lo Ves?", and was produced and filmed by Miguel Camino. Both visited different locations in: Spain (Valencia, Madrid), Italy (Padua, Milan) and Norway (Oslo, Hurdal) for recording.

The young protagonists of the documentary are: Guillaume, a French person with albinism who is a chef in his own restaurant in Rens. Helene, a Norwegian with albinism who draws with extraordinary precision. Julien, a French person with albinism who, in addition to working as a graphic designer, is a roller skater. Caroline, a German with albinism who enjoys doing sports like skiing and climbing. Alessio, an Italian with albinism capable of driving a car. Javier, a Spanish person with albinism, journalist and videogame critic. Vincenzo, an Italian with albinism who works in a nuclear reactor at the Nuclear Physics Institute of Legnaro (Padua) and who also plays soccer with his friends in his spare time, being an excellent goalkeeper. Jose, a Spanish person with albinism who studies graphic design and who does not put limits when doing stunts with the bicycle. Silje, a Norwegian with albinism who is able to ride and jump with her horse through the snow, even without a saddle. Marian, a German young man with ocular albinism who plays basketball semi-professionally and who, after studying a master's degree at Harvard, currently works as a stock broker in Germany.


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