Delegates from European associations in support of people with albinism discussing Erasmus+ project Together we can overcome barriers

The first meeting of the European project "Together We Can Overcome Barriers: Strategy For The Equity" co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus + program will take place on Friday 31st March. The meeting will take place at Escolapias College in Valencia. It will be attended by representatives of the following organizations: School Escolapias de Valencia, ALBA - Association of People with Albinism, Danish Association of People with Albinism DFFA, Norwegian Association of People with Albinism NFFA, and Italian Association of People with Albinism ALBINIT .


The objective of the project is to carry out a comparative study of educational systems and the integration of people with visual impairment in Denmark, Norway, Italy and Spain.
During the meeting the project will be explained to the education experts who will come from the different participating countries. We will visit a classroom in which there is currently a student with albinism so that the representatives of entities from other countries know firsthand the adaptations that are being made. There will also be a Cinema Forum with the students of 1st ESO that will include the viewing of the documentary short film "You See?", Directed by Patty Bonet, which will be broadcast subtitled in English, with the subsequent question time to the director by the part Of the students. There will also be activities of awareness in low vision to the students of 1º of ESO.
Finally, the European participants of the project, together with the teachers of the Escolapias center, will have a round table where they will discuss the results of the day's activities.